How to Fix an iPhone Speaker Not Working Issue?

iPhone speaker not working issue can be more crucial than it looks. Once it becomes big, it will start irritating you. You must be having earphones for listening to the music, but if there is no sound on the phone, then you can’t even hear to the incoming calls, notifications, alert tones or the text messages. It isn’t particularly challenging to fix an iPhone whose speaker isn’t doing well, but it may be a little tricky.

Check the ringer and the volume

Although it can be an obvious suggestion, it is very good to start with small things. One possible reason for your iPhone low sound is because you have set it to silent. There are three buttons in every iPhone namely one for ringer, one for mute and two buttons of volume. Mute switch disables all of the sounds for notifications and the calls. Volume buttons are managing the overall loudness of the device. Try to toggle the ringer switch first for making them work again. For doing this, flip it downwards so that orange shows in the switch. Flip it back again. Try to raise the volume of your phone to the maximum.

Check settings of the sound

If the above step didn’t work well with you, tell the software contexts that are related to iPhone’s speaker. The reason behind this can be that you have turned off the sounds that are connected to the phone’s function. Go to Settings> Sounds and Haptics for checking the settings well. These settings will be controlling the overall phone volume. Even if the button is functioning or not. Users should try to change settings that include setting new ringtone, text tone, etc.

Is your iPhone stuck in HeadPhone Mode?

Audio output can be sent to a place at one point. Users might be thinking that their iPhone speakers are working fine, the reason behind it can be that their iPhone is stuck there in headphone mode. It can be tucked even if no headphones are plugged in.

Turn the Bluetooth off

iPhone speaker won’t be able to play sounds properly if the sent audio is to other devices from the iPhone. Sometimes you are not able to hear anything not because the iPhone is sending audio to another speaker. Users can listen to the sound that is being played from Bluetooth speaker. Turn off the Bluetooth for breaking the connection. Start playing the audio through iPhone speaker. For turning the Bluetooth off:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Tap move the Bluetooth.
  • Put it to white/off.

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